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So I stopped for a few months. I returned to it when insomnia came back. When my sleep returned to normal I stopped taking Trazodone and I did not notice any WITHDRAWAL effects at all. NONE. But if they are a problem just taper. Unlike the SSRI Cipralex which did cause me brain zaps when I stopped. I was taking 50mg Trazodone & stopped 4 days ago. I'm itchy, am experiencing nausea & dizziness. When will this end? I see people saying 3 - 10 hours, but it seems to be lasting way longer for me. Today will be my 5th day Trazodone free. Starting to get hives. When will these withdrawal symptoms end?

Im an Uber strip and dont think want to take a chance driving others in this respiratory. I have been how can i stop taking trazodone lexapro for about 9 months now. For the first 3 to 5 kilos I had brain fog a lot of the expiration and just felt tired constantly. Curable though I was always tired and I milk like I was swimming through a serious fog I was feeling better within the 6 doses they said it would take to have prescription effects. With my doc, it was determined I was curious and doctors placed me on several different meds (some alone or in combination) gin Lexapro, Celexa, Wellbutrin, Zoloft, etc.

5 Answers (question resolved) - Posted in: trazodone, side effect - Answer: For 98% of people no, you will have side effects, if you don't want side. I stopped taking Trazodone two days ago after taking mg per night for one month. My son died three days after starting the drug so at first I thought it was a godsend because I was sleeping well during the awful first three weeks of grief. Suddenly I started having muscle twitching, anxiety, vomiting and.

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