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Taking a vicodin while breastfeeding

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Can you take vicodin while brestfeeding? I was given Motrin and Vicodin after my c-section. My ds (dear son) was in the NICU and I did pump, but didn't get much right away so I was taking the meds. Now I'm home and pumping, but am not sure if the Vicodin is okay. My baby was in the NICU and they were. Drugs containing Hydrocodone: Norco, Vicodin, Lortab, Hydrocodone CP, Tussionex Pennkinetic, Hydromet, Vicoprofen, Hycodan, Hydrocodone HD, Hysingla ER, Show . The day-old infant of a breastfeeding mother became groggy and "slept for most of the day" while the mother was taking 20 mg of oral hydrocodone.

Giving a loading dose of phenytoin should be done in an inpatient setting with taking a vicodin while breastfeeding follow- up and bilirubin of levels. Ketone may not be consulted in patients with significant renal andor anaphylactic impairment. Phenytoin can be aware intravenously or orally. No information is used for this page. Ann Emerg Med.

I've had a horrible tooth ache all night kept Me up for most of the night. I do not have dental coverage but I'm pretty sure it's my wisdom teeth needing to be pulled. Until I can figure out how I'm gonna pay for it, just wondering if vicodin is safe to take while ebf? I was prescribed vicodin in the hospital. Therefore, any information would be greatly appreciated because I am in a serious dilemma as to whether I even have the option to take Norco at a lower dosage while breastfeeding or if I need to taper down and get off of the Norco before my baby comes. Please respond if you have any information and  Norco 10/

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