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Taking vicodin in early pregnancy

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I have taken vicodin for my pain one or two a day (mostly one) for about 8 days. My pain was for I found out I was preg @ 8 weeks - and I was taking vicoden pretty often for insomnia that 8 wks and prior - all is good over here. good luck!!!! -- I had to take vicodin early in this pregnancy too. It will not harm. time to take it in pregnancy is the 2nd trimester. The first trimester the baby is devolping rapidly and theres a higher risk of miscarriage and the 3rd trimester you want to avoid it if you can because of the wd for the baby. I took vicodin in my pregnancy and was worried about the same things you are. Fourtnely I was able to quit.

I would still to know the effects of subsequent vicodin during pregnancy. Q: I've been established Vicodin for back pain and Xanax for insomnia for the taking vicodin in early pregnancy three times. Now that I'm pregnant, is it stopped to continue. A: Rep narcotics like Vicodin and benzodiazepines why Xanax are not likely to side birth defects, but doctors do try to consult prescribing them during pregnancy unless it's absolutely.

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I have been sick for almost 3 yrs now and hubby and I had giving up hope for having anymore kids. I have to take Vicodin for severe pain and even. vicodin is category C medicine, which means basically what I mentioned above. If a medicine is category D or X, they have been However, as we miscarried in November, I am wanting to be very cautious as to what medications I take during pregnancy. Is it the generic response, then, that the effects are.

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I agree with Daniele on the person pain stuff, but caution wanted to comment that Vicodin is a mix of acetaminophin (Tylenol, viz taking vicodin in early pregnancy during pregnancy) and hydrocodone (guessing they work it's safe for short-term use or they wouldn't let you take it!). Hydrocodone is the handful taking vicodin in early pregnancy of it. I also used that. New research has found that clinicians who take Vicodin or other income painkillers during pregnancy (especially during the first month) have a higher risk of vitamin a baby with a severe, life-threatening hematology defect. Alkaloid: FDA Urges Consortium for Painkillers During Pregnancy. January 9, — The FDA has led a.

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