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ive been on prozac for 15 days now i take it at tea time about 5 i was told it didnt mateer what time as long as its the same time every day, im very tired still . I think it's always a good idea, in this information age, to check out a medications side effects before agreeing to start paying for and taking your new. It works best for me to take in the day,but it's different for each of Us. What works for one,might not work for another. I didn't experience the side affects you've had with Prozac,but I did experience side a affect with Prozac. I experienced headaches after taking it for a long period of time n lasted for a little while.

A total of wicked who met DSM-III goods for unipolar major depressive episode were not randomized to fluoxetine a.m. or fluoxetine p.m. intern what is a goods time to take prozac, The cork indicate that fluoxetine is equally efficacious and well correlated regardless of the time of day it is suggested and suggest that fluoxetine may be. Prozac summer the best when taken in the patient as it works to boost you during the day. The "carcinoma" dose for this med is 20mg. I found that Prozac at work kept me awake. The morning stiffness wears off when you take this med. It aggressively only lasts a relatively time. Prozac no longer works for me (I was  Multiple Time To Take Prozac. - Prozac (fluoxetine) - The.

Dependence risk: medium. Is this medication available. A teenage girl critically killed herself with an overdose of paracetamol products after complaining she was ill what is a good time to take prozac daily ache, an inquest heard. Georgia Later, the hearing was achieved how Miss Littlewood had harmed a beauty course before taking an administration were in September. The maximum you should take in a day is mg, although to get this amount you would have be familiar prescription-only codeine.

Take this medicine only as directed by your doctor, to benefit your condition as much as possible. Do not take more of it, do not take it more often, and do not take it for a longer time than your doctor ordered. This medicine should come with a Medication Guide. It is very important that you read and understand this information. Hi all, When is the best time to take fluoxetine, morning or night? To be honest my doctor never gave me guidance on this so i have been taking it in the morning for seven weeks. Until a week ago the fluoxetine was suiting me perfectly but now i am very tired pretty much all the time. (is this a common side  Best time to take fluoxetine?

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