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In clinical trials for acute gouty arthritis, etoricoxib was given for 8 days. Postoperative dental surgery pain. The recommended dose is 90 mg once daily, limited to a maximum of 3 days. Some patients may require other postoperative analgesia in addition to ARCOXIA during the three day treatment period. The recommended dose is 60 mg once a day, increased to a maximum of 90 mg once a day if needed. Acute pain conditions. Etoricoxib should be used only for the acute painful period. Gout. The recommended dose is mg once a day which should only be used for the acute painful period, limited to a.

Ancianos: comenzar con la mitad de la dosis del arcoxia maximum dose. Niños: dosis inicial 0,3 mgkg8h. Dosis máxima 6 mgKgdía repartidos en tomas. Si propenso a hipotensión dosis de inicio 0,15 mgkg. Insuficiencia cardíaca: dosis inicial 6,5 mg8 12 h.

Your doctor will prescribe Arcoxia for you only after you have used other medicines for your condition and they have not been suitable for you. Your doctor will want discuss your treatment with Arcoxia from time to time. It is important that you use the lowest dose that controls your pain and you should not take Arcoxia for. Recommended Dose: Osteoarthritis: 30 or 60 mg once daily. Rheumatoid Arthritis & Ankylosing Spondylitis: 90 mg once daily. Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain, Including Chronic Low Back Pain: 60 mg once daily. For acute pain conditions, Arcoxia should only be used for the acute symptomatic period, limited to a maximum of.

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