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Should your pills stay or should they go? Going by the expiration date is unsatisfying; many people suspect their meds are perfectly usable months after they've supposedly expired. And they're right: A s study conducted by the FDA and the military revealed that most pills remain effective years after. Is ranitidine tablet still good to be taken. expiration/discard date is 10/10/12 ## Hello, Linda! How are you? Most medications, such as Ranitidine, don't get dangerous when expired, but they do begin to lose efficacy after that point. Thus, the older they are, the less they are going to work. Learn more Ranitidine details here.

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1 Answer - Posted in: zantac, zantac 75 - Answer: Ordinarily I'd say no way you should take it, the expiration date means Perhaps one pill not as effective as new ones but can taking Zantac 75 pills 10 years old harm you? Perhaps Looking at road maps for past hour and may try to get out tomorrow. There is a reasonable chance it won't do anything to help your heartburn, but otherwise probably not going to do any harm to take an over the counter (otc) past its expiration date. That being said, try not do that again! throw out the package to prevent some mistakes. Routinely going through medicine cabinets to remove old.

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