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In 4 clinical trials involving over patients on various doses (10 to mg) of Losartan potassium and over patients given placebo, the adverse events that occurred in ≥2% of patients treated with Losartan potassium and more commonly than placebo were: dizziness (3% vs. 2%), upper respiratory infection (8% vs. Treatment usually starts with mg losartan once a day. Generally, the dose should be increased weekly step-by-step (i.e., mg daily during the first week, 25 mg daily during the second week, 50 mg daily during the third week, mg daily during the fourth week, mg daily during the fifth week).

Pls do not necessarily losartan 150 mg dose. Says ten milligrams for ages six and over once a day. Cartridges say if u r over lbs u can take two. Wish you ever tryed zyrtec. Its over the amount and works better than claritin per pill. If it was me I would work to zyrtec and if that doesn't make.

The usual initial dose of losartan in patients with heart failure is mg once daily. The dose should generally be titrated at weekly intervals (i.e. mg daily, 25 mg daily, 50 mg daily, mg daily, up to a maximum dose of mg once daily) as tolerated by the patient. Reduction in the risk of stroke in hypertensive. A maximum dose of mg losartan (for example, three tablets of COZAAR 50 mg or one tablet each of COZAAR mg and COZAAR 50 mg) once daily may be used. In the treatment of heart failure, losartan is usually combined with a diuretic (medicine that increases the amount of water that you pass.

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