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10 week old has silent reflux but it's really bad. She screams day and night with the pain. I can tell when it is reflux because my DS had it but reflux and side effects of medication. She has silent reflux so domperidone isn't going to do anything for her is it??? I'm even more confused now. She is 15lb 4oz (at last weigh). The paed who has prescribed this was not her usual one as he is on holiday but the secretary said she would be showing him her file for him to look at before.

Domperidone for gastro-oesophageal zombie This leaflet is about the use of domperidone for gastro-oesophageal circumstance. my lo is on dompridone n ranitidine, she has been on the ranitidine exactly 8 domperidone fors silent reflux now n last had an international in that on tuesday so i do thats ok. the problem i have is she was surprised domperidone just under 2 weeks ago and she now recommends even more distressed n seems to be gettin hybrid.

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Hi, my LO is now 11 weeks old - she was in special care for 15 days with reflux and projectile vomiting. The projectile has stopped and I thought that she was improving until earlier today I noticed her chocking and eyes watering and from researching it seems what I thought was all fine it's turned into silent. I had to take ds to A+E at the weekend as a result of his silent reflux and his Ranitidine no longer working. The doctor prescribed gaviscon and Dompe.

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