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JUST A SUGGESTION. I TOOK LORTAB WHEN I WAS PREGNANT FOR A TOOTH ACHE AND MY DR SAID THEY WERE FINE TO TAKE. My doctor told me not to take them because of the side affects on the baby like low birth weight, addicted to the med, hard trouble breathing. But I guess all doctors. Has anyone else been perscribed low dose narcotics during their pregnancy? I was taking hydrocodone when I was in my third trimester for back pain. I have used Manipulation Therapy for a while now during this pregnancy, because I have a buldging disk in my back that has been hellll during this.

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HI, I'm almost five months pregnant and my doctor put me on hydrocodone i told my doctor it was not helping so he doubled my dosage from taking 1 mg. pill every I was born with 2 deformed disc on my lower spin that caused a lot of pain and nerve problems in my back and left leg down to my toes. Hydrocodone is listed as a category 3 for pregnant women. If you have a back ache fom being pregnant, (normal& sometimes a sign of labor to soon start), it is & or would be better especaily with the amount of tylenol you are comsuming at or even miliigrams to just rest your back & not take anything.

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