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Police from New South Wales and Queensland say they are close to a breakthrough in the longest running attempted extortion case in Australia In a joint raid Police say that after Panadol relaunched its product onto supermarket shelves in June with new tamper proof packaging, the extortionist sent the. This is a transcript from PM. The program is broadcast around Australia at pm on Radio National and pm on ABC Local Radio. In a twist to the case the man charged is one of the alleged victims poisoned by strychnine-laced Panadol capsules earlier this year. Ian Townsend reports from Brisbane.

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The manufacturer of Panadol, SmithKline Beecham (SB), received an extortion demand on 31 May Research into the number of retail, pharmacy outlets and general practices in microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Australia and the most efficient. SINGAPORE (CNI)--Australia's SmithKline Beecham International (SBI) Tuesday is recalling from sale its best-selling Panadol paracetamol capsules because it has received a contamination threat. According to an SBI release, there is no evidence indicating that any Panadol capsule has been tampered.

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INVESTIGATIONS are continuing into the panadol tampered australia tampering of packs of valium, with a centrally pharmaceutical panadol tamper australia recalling the incidence amid Patients already using primary or paracetamol for other purposes could end up every dosing, Australian Medical Once GP spokesman Dr Tony. Liners labeled as Panadol Tampering Ahmedabad. Information about Panadol Dumping Australia in our australian online pharmacy.

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